Friday, January 21, 2011

Yorkie Prevents Neighborhood From Receiving Mail

A small dog is forcing several residents in the British town of Northampton to go out of their way to collect their mail. According to the "Daily Telegraph," the Royal Mail has decided to stop delivering to those living in a certain cul-de-sac because the mailman is continually attacked by a Yorkshire Terrier. Peggy is nine-years-old and stands just six inches, but to local postal workers she's known as the "Beast of Dorset Gardens." Peggy's owner, Margaret Joyce, says the allegations are "ridiculous," noting that her dog is "good-natured" and "loved by everyone." Joyce's opinion appears to be in the minority, however, as one neighbor remarked, quote, "It is a vicious little thing and I have seen it going for the postman." Those living near Joyce and Peggy are now forced to travel 14 miles round trip to collect their mail at a sorting office.