Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keith Urban Credits His Family For Inspiring His New Music

Keith Urban notes his wife Nicole Kidman and his little girl Sunday play a big role in sparking his creativity. But he says just about anything can inspire a new song. Fans will be able to hear the new music Keith was inspired to make with the release of his new album "Get Closer," which hits stores today. Along with the standard CD, Urban is offering a deluxe edition of the project, including three extra songs plus four live tracks, exclusively at Target stores.

Urban is supporting "Get Closer" with several appearances on the small screen. He's slated to perform on NBC's "Today" on Wednesday, followed by a visit to CBS' "The Early Show" on Thursday. Also, Thursday Urban will tape a performance on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" to air later this month.

Keith Urban's "Get Closer" Track Listing

1. Put You In A Song
2. You Gonna Fly
3. All For You
4. Long Hot Summer
5. Without You
6. Georgia Woods
7. Right On Back To You
8. Shut Out The Lights

Additional Tracks On The Target Enhanced "Get Closer"

9. Big Promises
10. The Luxury Of Knowing
11. Winning
12. Once In A Lifetime - live
13. You Look Good In My Shirt- live
14. Better Life - live
15. Everybody - live