Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Faith Hill Discusses New Fragrance, Beauty Secrets

Faith Hill is promoting her new fragrance, Faith Hill True. The singer's second offering boasts a blend of the Asian citrus fruit yuzu with the floral aromas of lily and gardenia, and Hill describes it as "clean and fresh." She tells "People" that with Faith Hill True as well as her original Faith Hill Home she, quote, "wanted to create fragrances that were classic and timeless. Scents you could wear everyday, whether you're at home in your sweats or dressed up for a night out." But she notes her beauty regimen involves more than just smelling good. The country star says she stays fit by taking brisk walks and following Tracy Anderson exercise routines. She also has some other beauty secrets. Hill shares, quote, "I moisturize my entire body, head to toe, including my lips. I never go to bed without doing so." She adds, quote, "Always curl your eyelashes."

Faith Hill isn't the only member of her family to have a new fragrance in stores. While Hill is launching her second scent, husband Tim McGraw has just introduced his third -- McGraw Silver. His line also includes McGraw and McGraw Southern Blend. More details on McGraw's collection can be found at www.timmcgrawfragrances.com. Additional information on Faith Hill Parfums is available at www.faithhillfragrances.com.