Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Intoxicated Passenger Steals Cab, Crashes Into Utility Pole

A New York City cab driver was taken for an unexpected ride by an inebriated passenger over the weekend. The "New York Daily News" says Michael Findley was arrested early last Saturday morning after he allegedly stole Mohammed Latif's taxi. Latif told police he decided to give Findley a ride after he promised not to eat the food he was carrying inside the vehicle. However, once Latif began driving, Findley began eating and spilling rice all over the cab. Latif proceeded to pull over and order the 31-year-old out of his taxi, at which time Findley allegedly punched Latif twice and jumped behind the wheel of the car. Findely wound up driving the wrong way down a one-way street before he eventually crashed the car into a utility pole. He is now facing several criminal charges, including drunken driving and robbery.