Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Survey Says


Some say money can't buy happiness, but that might now be up for debate. Money Management International's new "Love and Money Survey" indicates money can really help married couples achieve a certain level of happiness. Nearly 90-percent of those taking part in the poll who have an annual income of at least 50-thousand-dollars say they're happy, but only 79-percent who are running a household on less than 50-thousand a year are also happy. Meanwhile, money matters are the biggest problem for 63-percent of the couples who aren't happy in their marriage, and their financial concerns are the primary reason for their unhappiness. The number of couples who are feeling such economic strife in their marriage is also growing. In the 2009 poll, money problems were the main source of unhappiness for 59-percent of the unhappily married couples.


Newlyweds want to celebrate their marriage on the beach. That's the findings of a new "Brides" magazine and Signature Travel Network poll searching for "The World's Top Honeymoon Destinations." Islands lead the way, with Hawaii taking first place on the list followed by French Polynesia and Fiji. Bali, Bermuda, and The Bahamas are also in the top ten. European locations are popular as well, with Italy ranking fourth, Greece landing at number eight, and France earning the number ten spot. Central American countries are becoming more desirable places for a honeymoon. Costa Rica has seventh place, and while not in the top ten -- yet -- Belize has been named "the number one up-and-coming destination for honeymooners."

"Brides" Magazine and Signature Travel Network's list of "The World's Top Honeymoon Destinations"

1. Hawaii
2. French Polynesia
3. Fiji
4. Italy
5. Bali
6. Bermuda
7. Costa Rica
8. Greece
9. The Bahamas
10. France