Friday, February 25, 2011

Sugarland's Pop Leanings Leading To International Audience

Sugarland is starting to make a name for themselves overseas. The group has been promoting their latest CD, "The Incredible Machine," on the other side of the Atlantic, and their hit "Stuck Like Glue" has become the duo's first charting single in Britain. Singer Jennifer Nettles attributes the song's success in the UK in part to the way Sugarland's sound has evolved, telling that they've been expanding beyond the boundaries of traditional country music. The process has been under way for a while. Last summer Nettles discussed the incorporation of pop elements into Sugarland songs. Nettles referred to the desire to branch out as "artistic A-D-D," explaining, quote, "We want to be entertained, too, just as much as the fans." While "The Incredible Machine" has been available in the U.S. since October, the album was just released in Britain earlier this month. Sugarland spent the first two weeks of February in the UK supporting the album.