Thursday, February 24, 2011

Judge Says "There Will Be Jail Time" For Lindsay Lohan

Left up to one judge, it's no longer a matter of if Lindsay Lohan will go to jail, but for how long she will remain in jail. In a pivotal court hearing in Los Angeles yesterday, Judge Keith Schwartz said, with certainty, that there would be jail time for the actress due to a probation violation and the alleged theft of a necklace. Judge Schwartz ordered Lohan to return to court on March 10th. He said the actress would have time between now and then to decide whether to accept a plea deal that would likely send her to jail, or move forward to a preliminary hearing in front of a different judge and try to beat the charge against her. The judge said Lohan could also be ordered to get more therapy.

The actress just completed a three-month stay in rehab in early January. Just weeks after her exit, Lohan found herself back in the headlines, accused of stealing a pricey necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, California. She pled not guilty to a charge of felony grand theft two weeks ago. Her probation for a pair of DUI convictions from 2007 was also revoked.