Friday, February 18, 2011

Darius Rucker Supporting Education As A Scratcher Game

Darius Rucker is showing his support for education -- and raising money for students who could use some financial help. The singer has teamed up with the New Mexico Lottery to create the new "Darius Rucker" Scratcher game. Rucker says when the opportunity cropped up he was on board, explaining, quote, "I immediately recalled my own high school days when I was asking myself how I would pay for college." Darius adds, quote, "It is progressive programs like this that further the awareness and funding for scholarship programs, and I'm excited to be involved as a representative of the country music community." "Darius Rucker" Scratchers are now available across the state of New Mexico. A game costs five-dollars, with a maximum pay-out of 65-thousand-dollars. Money generated by the game will go to Legislative Lottery Scholarships, which helps college students with tuition.