Monday, January 24, 2011

Jason Aldean Says No To Super Bowl Invitation

Jason Aldean won't part of the crowd at Super Bowl 45. The country star tells that he was given the opportunity to go to the big game, but turned it down because he's not a fan of the teams who'll be playing. His favorite team, the Atlanta Falcons, were eliminated by the Super Bowl-bound Green Bay Packers, who will be facing the Pittsburgh Steelers in championship game. Jason says he would have gone if the Tennessee Titans were playing, but they didn't even make the playoffs, so he's just looking forward to baseball season. The Georgia native likes the Atlanta Braves, and expects the team will have a good year with second baseman Dan Uggla in the lineup. Aldean is currently on his "My Kinda Party" tour with openers Eric Church and the JaneDear girls. Their next show is set for Columbia, Missouri on Friday.