Friday, November 12, 2010

Troy Gentry Apologizes For Engaging In "Unethical" Bear Hunt

Montgomery Gentry's Troy Gentry is expressing his regrets over killing Cubby the bear. In a handwritten statement posted on the duo's website the singer is admitting that what he did was wrong. Gentry says he took responsibility for his actions, accepting the legal consequences that stemmed from his illegal 2004 bear hunt. At that time he apologized for committing the crime, but the country star admits he, quote, "failed to apologize to the public for the unethical way the bear was taken." Gentry calls his choice to engage in the hunt "a mistake," "a bad decision," and "an embarrassment to both me and my family." He also notes, quote, "There is no one who feels as bad about this as I do. I have beaten myself up about this over the years." Gentry says he's, quote, "paid a huge price personally and professionally" for the hunt, but that he's learned his lesson. He adds, quote, "Since this happened, I know in my heart that I am a different and better person."

In November 2006 Gentry pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of falsely claiming the bear he shot was wild. He actually killed a tame bear named Cubby, who lived in an enclosed wildlife preserve in Minnesota. The country singer received a three-month probated sentence and a fine of 15-thousand-dollars. He was also ordered to return the bear's remains to Minnesota, and was banned from hunting in that state for five years. Public outrage over the hunt resurfaced last month, after an animal rights organization obtained the video of Gentry's hunt and posted the footage online.