Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Luke Bryan Says Family Is Adjusting To New Baby

Luke Bryan is finding parenting to be much easier the second time around. The singer tell "People" that with his first son, Bo, he and his wife Caroline, quote, "were treating him like a Fabergé egg every time we picked him up." But Caroline notes there were good reasons behind that, explaining, quote, "Bo had two surgeries early and he's had every illness you can get." She says things are much different with their second son, Tate, whom she describes as "just chilled out." Caroline notes that Tate isn't sick like Bo was, and she and Luke are "getting better" as parents.

Luke and Caroline add that they aren't seeing too much sibling rivalry. Luke admits Bo will sometimes approach Tate and poke him in the eye, but says Bo's aggression usually isn't intentional, saying, quote, "Mostly he just tries to love on him too hard." Three-month-old Tate arrived in August, while big brother Bo will turn three in March.