Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kix Brooks Playing A "Kind Of Bad Guy" In New Movie

Kix Brooks is putting his college education to use. The singer -- who was a theater major -- tells fans in a webchat that he's in a movie. He describes the film as, quote, "kind of like a little darker version of 'Urban Cowboy," and says his role is "kind of a bad guy." The country star explains, quote, "He's not all bad in the end, but he's hooked up with some really bad guys and he's trying to hang with them." Brooks adds that this project marks his feature film debut as an actor. While he notes that he's appeared in other movies, he's always portrayed himself as a member of Brooks & Dunn. Brooks will be in Phoenix for the next eight days shooting his scenes in the film, which has the working title of "Thrift Store Cowboy."