Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lady Antebellum Ready To Start Work On Next Album

(Undated) -- Lady Antebellum is ready to move on from their massive "Need You Now" album. The trio's Dave Haywood says the group will be heading into the studio with plenty of material to work with. But Lady A can't leave "Need You Now" behind just yet. The band is the top country nominee for next month's GRAMMY Awards on the strength of the disc. The group is up for six awards -- three in all-genre General Field categories and three in Country categories. But Dave says such formal recognition isn't playing a role as they prepare to follow up "Need You Now." He explains that they don't feel added pressure from the awards attention, but instead it motivates them to keep on working. The 53rd annual GRAMMY Awards will be presented in a ceremony on February 13th, airing on CBS.