Friday, January 14, 2011


Despite the war, economy, unemployment, and other societal stresses currently at hand, an overwhelming majority of Americans say they're happy. A new Precision Opinion poll shows that 84-percent of adults fall somewhere between a six and a ten on a ten-point "happiness scale," with 22-percent rating their happiness at a ten. Just nine-percent are on the "unhappy" side of the scale -- between one and four -- and only three-percent put their happiness level at a one. Another nine-percent say they're at a five.

More than 60-percent say their happiness increased over the course of 2010, and 88-percent believe their personal happiness level will continue to grow in 2011. But financial concerns are on people's minds. When asked what one wish they would like to have granted, answers included winning the lottery, making more money, and seeing an improvement in the economy. But the top three wishes are for world peace, happiness, and good health.