Monday, November 15, 2010

Pam Tillis Launching Cooking Column In "Country Weekly"

Pam Tillis is taking fans into her kitchen -- just in time for the holidays. "Country Weekly" is launching the new column Pam & Co., in which the singer will offer suggestions on how to prepare healthy dishes and introduce some of her favorite recipes. Tillis notes, quote, "My whole family loves to cook, and one of the things that is kind of my birthright is a certain kind of fearlessness. And what I would like to share with people in my column is to not be afraid of cooking. Just go for it! Don't be afraid to make mistakes." She says her goal is to make her recipes, quote, "accessible for the average person" and "health-conscious." Pam adds, quote, "This is my maiden voyage as a columnist, but I think it's going to be great fun." Tillis' Pam & Co. column will debut in the November 22nd issue of "Country Weekly," which arrives on store shelves Monday.

Pam isn't the only member of her family to branch out in a culinary direction. Her dad, Mel Tillis, wrote the cookbook "Mel's A-Cookin'."